Welcome to the Glendale, Arizona
Alarm Prevention and Administration Site

Law Enforcement personnel respond to thousands of false alarm calls yearly. These unnecessary responses result in an enormous burden in manpower and expense; which in turn reduces the time available to respond to real emergencies.


What can be paid for or purchased on this site? This web page may be used to pay fees assessed by the Glendale Police Department for violations of the City of Glendale’s Alarm Systems ordinance. This may include fees associated with false alarms or for fees associated with failure to obtain a Glendale Alarm Permit.


City Refund Policy: Within 20 days of the date on the false alarm invoice, the alarm subscriber or alarm owner may file a written appeal to the Alarm Coordinator. The petition shall contain specific defenses to the assessment and can be sent postal mail or electronic mail. If the appeal is upheld, any fees paid will be refunded within 60 days.

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